Sworn Translator of English – Białystok Poland

Marzena Lubaszewska

Zachodnia 26/11
15-345 Białystok

tel: +48 85 744 9038
mobile: +48 6969 55882


Delivering texts for translation

You may provide documents or texts for translation by one of the following ways:

bring them to the seat (please call for an appointment earlier),
send them in an envelope by regular mail,
make a scan or take a legible picture of the document and send it by email.

Collecting translated documents

You may collect the translated documents (with their accompanying originals):

in person from the seat (please call for an appointment earlier),
have them sent by regular mail to the address provided by the Client,
have them scanned and emailed to the Client.

Certified/sworn translations bear a note, confirming whether they were made from the original document or a copy. You may provide the original document for viewing when collecting the translation from the seat.

Accepted methods of payment: cash, money transfer, Blik to mobile, Revolut.