Polish-English Sworn Translator M. Lubaszewska – Białystok, Poland

established in 1993 (No. TP/11/05 on the list of the Ministry of Justice)

I do sworn (certified) translations and regular (non-certified) Polish-English, English-Polish translations

Examples of documents which may require sworn translations:

vital records, like birth, marriage or death certificates,
school or university certificates and diplomas,
registration certificates, certificates of title, invoices or bills of sale for motor vehicles,
employment certificates,
various certificates from fiscal offices, insurance agencies, city/town council offices,
medical certificates,
any other documents required abroad or for international partners.

Sworn interpretations may be required:

during wedding ceremonies,
in court rooms,
at police stations,
in notary public offices, legal offices,
in public administration offices, ex. during residence permits proceedings for foreigners,
any other individual needs

Qualifications and licences

1991 r. graduated from the UMCS University in Lublin in the English philology,

1993 r. appointed as Sworn Translator of English by the President of the Regional Court in Białystok,

2005 r. entered in the Register of Sworn translators kept by the Ministry of Justice, ref. TP/11/05

I have been developing my language and professional skills ever since, attending numerous courses and workshops for translators. The scope of my expertize is mainly within legal areas as I have been cooperating with the law enforcement agencies from the very beginning of my certified translation career.

I always aim to provide the highest possible standard of translations, relying on my professional experience and education.